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Color Splash - Adelaide by WhiteWolfyGurl Color Splash - Adelaide by WhiteWolfyGurl
Well, this is my dog! ♥ Adelaide ♥
So, I did not take this picture, though I did color splash it.
The Humane Society Of Greater Nashua took it. [link]
I know you are not allowed to post pictures that arent completely yours... But, since we adopted her, we got written permission... Here are the rules of the humane society for re-posting pictures of there current animals.

Rule-#18-- You are not allowed to post any pictures of the pets without permission from our team. But, if you have adopted the animal from our humane society, you automatically have permission to post your pets' picture(s) as long as you give the link leading to our homepage and give the Humane Society credit for originally posting this picture. Thank you.
Any questions please call.

--> [link]
Well, there you have it! I have permission..!
So, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please just leave me a comment and I will clear everything up for you...! We actually recently got her, a family was moving and had to giver her away... :(

Well... I really hope you enjoy this picture!!! Color splashing is soooooo much fun!

Oh, yeah, I used photoshop to color it!
Here is a video if you want to learn how to photoshop --> [link]

Ok then... Very very shortly I will post pictures of my other pets... My other 2 dogs, my four cats, and my 2 darling little bunnies!
If you have any questions, please leave me a comment..!
RaffaelloSS Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello Adelaide :D you have an nice dog
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December 25, 2012
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